A Typical day for me

Hi . A typical day for me is getting up at 6:45 and then eating Borsner Muehle for breakfast . Then I brush my teeth get and  ready for school . I normally wear Denim , i.e. Miniskirt or Jeans . My favourite brands of designer clothes are Hollister , H&M , Superdry, Juicy , Next, Zara, TK Maxx and Desigual . Then I either cycle or drive to school in our Volkswagen Passat . When I arrive at school I say hi to my teacher , hand in my homework and get ready for the day . Everyday except Friday , we have Math and English  . Usually we play a game before maths like SKUNK or ‘Shuffle your but’ . Then we have one more lesson before snack break and at snack break we play on the computer or play mau mau or read a book , finish work assignments or swap and eat food . After that we have two more lessons before lunch . Lucnch is usually yummy and I often buy a Laugenstange or a croissant after that . Following lunch , we have four more lessons before the end of the day . At the end of school I wave goodbye to my friends and cycle back home with a friend or my parents , or my parents drive me back unless I have a playdate at someone elses house or I have an after-school activity . So THAT is MY TYPICAL SCHOOL DAY !! 🙂 😛 😀 


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